Prepared for your worst day? Your alarm doesn't go off, your toast is burnt, the car needs gas and you're an hour late to an important appointment.

Is this really the worst day? If you had known this day was coming, you would have prepared for it.

However, it demonstrates the power of being able to see the future and be prepared.

How many questions would you like to have to answer on your worst day? Most likely, none.

On the day of your death, would it surprise you to learn that your loved ones will be asked many questions, often repetitive, from various entities, like law enforcement, hospital staff, tissue donation agencies, and don't forget, the funeral home.

Pre-planning can save them at least a part of that hassle on their worst day.

By pre-planning your funeral arrangements now, you will save your loved ones the pressure of remembering sometimes obscure facts about you, when all they want to do is grieve for their loss.

It takes the guesswork away from those you leave behind. By being informed as to what funerary options are available (i.e. funeral establishments, burial vs. cremation, viewing or not, etc.), you will make educated, non-emotional decisions.

Once you have made the decision to plan ahead, you will also have the opportunity to alleviate any financial burden that your funeral expenses may leave on your loved ones.

With the average cost of funerals in America at around $8,000.00, not including cemetery expenses, it is imperative that this cost be addressed, for as we all know, costs rarely ever come down.

At Lee Funeral Home, the money paid for your pre-plan is invested for your future expenses and your family is never asked to pay any more money.

If you already have a pre-paid funeral plan, Lee Funeral Home will honor most plans as if we had written it ourselves.

It may not be the most pleasant thought or pressing issue, but a pre-paid funeral plan is the right thing to do for you and your family. When you are ready to discuss a plan with one of our professional staff, please call. We will even meet you in the comfort of your own home.