Lee Funeral Home Funeral & Cremation Services
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Cremation with Family Viewing & Memorial Service

Cremation Packages

Cremation with Family Viewing & Memorial Service $2950.00+

Family is limited to 10 immediate members only and must take place within a certain time frame determined by LFH or embalming will be required.


  • Basic services of the funeral director and staff
  • Transport the deceased to Lee Funeral Home
  • Preparation of body for viewing (cleaning, clothing, casketing, etc.)
  • Use of Chapel and/or staff for One Hour Viewing
  • Use of chapel and/or staff for a One Hour Memorial Service
  • Cremation

Must choose -

* An Alternative Container (price listed)
Or Rental Casket $650
& Urn

If you elect not to select a package you will be charged individual pricing. This includes substitutions of any kind. Packages may not be changed.