Lee Funeral Home Funeral & Cremation Services
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Immediate Burial Without Ceremony

Burial Packages

Immediate Burial** $2,395 + casket | $2,395 with casket provided by family |$3,380 w/ Stockton Casket. $4,460 with Stockton Casket and Plot at Chief Tecopa Cemetery.

This package includes:

  • Adjusted basic services of Funeral Director/Staff
  • Transport of deceased to Funeral Home
  • Other preparation of the body
  • Use of vehicle/staff to transport to local cemetery

This package does not include: Lowering device fee. If Chief Tecopa Cemetery is chosen +$300
or anyone but LFH Staff present during burial.

Cemetery fees are separate

If you elect not to select a package you will be charged individual pricing. This includes substitutions of any kind. Packages may not be changed.

**If burial takes place at a cemetery that requires a lowering device there will be an additional $300 equipment fee.